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"I highly recommend Yenda as an Educational Consultant. She is not only knowledgeable about the college admissions process and uses it to provide thoughtful feedback to her students, but has a keen passion for helping her students achieve their educational goals. 

Yenda was instrumental in my application preparation and subsequent acceptance to a top tier business school.  In preparing my application, Yenda helped me to evaluate my strengths and fit to the program.  I was then able to clearly articulate these in my application, especially the essay portion.  For the essay portion, Yenda provided thoughtful and constructive feedback making my application stronger as a whole. 

Yenda’s passion for helping her students achieve their educational goals is inspiring.  Going through a rigorous graduate school application process was challenging but felt “doable” because of the support and encouragement that I received  from Yenda, an excellent Educational Coach!" 

- V. Rocha, M.B.A, Stanford University

"For many years, Yenda has been a trusted mentor and advisor in helping me achieve my educational goals. She has assisted me throughout the admissions process for graduate school and in refining my Master’s Thesis. Her targeted assistance and expertise in what selective universities are “looking for” in a college essay played a key factor in getting admitted to my desired graduate school.  

Because of Yenda’s caring approach and support, I returned to her to edit my Master’s Thesis. She provided a quick turnaround with detailed feedback which improved my thesis greatly.  As a result of Yenda’s guidance, my Thesis was chosen as an example of excellence in my program and recommended by University staff for publishing.


Yenda is a devoted teacher with a passion for writing mechanics and techniques. She has a special talent in providing constructive feedback with sincerity and respect. Her professionalism, experience and drive to stay current in pedagogical practices makes her an educational consultant I highly recommend." 

-K. Miles, M.A., University of San Francisco

Yenda! You are awesome! Those who are interested in working with her: prepare for greatness! At Harvard University, I had been taking an upper level academic writing course that became too rigorous for me at times. With the help from Yenda, I was able to successfully complete my course with a high grade. After meeting her, she quickly assessed the areas where I needed help most, and then she swiftly designed an academic writing plan for me to succeed. While working with Yenda, she was very instructive about how I should have changed my working methods. As a team, we: analyzed different texts, discussed complex literature topics to form ideas for my essays, synthesized my notes, remodeled my essay outlines, examined my essay drafts line-by-line to make improvements, and executed final drafts. Yenda will teach you to overcome your academic struggles to succeed. I had a lot of fun working with her, and she is always smiling, wholeheartedly!

- M. Khalil, Student, Harvard University

"Ever since I began working as an ESL teacher, Yenda has been a mentor to me. Her advise and training have helped me to grow as a professional. She has given me advise regarding teaching, working with students who have disabilities, managing and advising coworkers, as well as furthering my own career. Yenda's passion, along with her stellar communication and organizational skills make her a joy to work with. Having known Yenda for over a year, I would not hesitate to recommend her as a consultant."

-M. Jones, B.A., University of California, San Diego

Yenda did an amazing job in helping me write secondary essays for pharmacy school. She helped me enhance and rephrase my essays to sound professional and personal. She clearly has a lot of experience in writing. I would recommend her if you need help writing essays for professional school. She edited my essays at the promised time with great quality. Due partly to her amazing job, I received interviews to 4/5 pharmacy schools I applied to so far. She Is amazing and I highly recommend her.

- R. Aboukhadijeh, Touro College of Pharmacy

"I have always known Yenda Giovanatto as a capable and passionate educational professional.  She not only has  a thorough knowledge of the latest teaching methodologies, she also has extensive experience in successfully implementing teaching theories in her own classrooms.  

As a teacher, she is well organized, compassionate and patient with all of her students.  As an administrator, she is able to effectively communicate with diverse groups to solve problems quickly and efficiently.   Due to her experience and expertise in the field, I highly recommend Yenda as an educational consultant." 

- M. Andersson, M.S., University of Southern California

"I have been taking lessons from Yenda for this past year. Since then my English skills have improved greatly. She helped me through my classes in school and prepared me for future courses. She is a great teacher and adviser I highly recommend." 

- J. Yu, Student, Irvine High School

"While working with Yenda,I can attest to her innate desire to help students in achieving their educational goals. Not only does Yenda maintain a very professional and strong work ethic, she is also very personable, kind, and encouraging. Yenda possesses thorough knowledge of the education field and has a knack for problem solving. Her passion, enthusiasm, and creativity have made her approachable as a mentor. Without hesitation, I fully endorse Yenda Giovanatto as an educational consultant." 

- S. Alsabri, B.A., University of California, Irvine